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Feeding Multiples

Feeding Multiples

It is important to know that you can successfully breastfeed twins, triplets and more. If you have never breastfed before, require breastfeeding support/advice, or you are struggling to manage feeding multiples for the first time please see our breastfeeding page to find useful breastfeeding support services. 

Multiple babies are more likely to be born prematurely; breastfeeding preterm babies will give your babies the best possible start. To find out more about breastfeeding multiples, please visit the Twins Trust

With multiples, you may find that there are times when both babies nurse at the same time, one at each breast. This may be something you would like to do to keep your babies on a similar feeding schedule. Different feeding positions can aid tandem feeding, such as the 'Rugby Hold'.

Formula feeding is more expensive than breastfeeding and does not have the same nutritional benefits. However, it does mean that other people can help you with feeding your babies. 

Formula is best to be freshly prepared at each feed; please follow the instructions on the milk tin carefully when handling and preparing formula milk feeds. For more advice on formula feeding multiples, please visit the Twins Trust.

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