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Nurse Recruitment

If you're looking for a career in a unique, exciting, varied and rewarding specialty then look no further than neonatal nursing in the East Midlands.  Whether you are a RN (Adult or Child Branch) a RM, a nurse from overseas, a nurse returning to practice, a nurse with no neonatal experience or a nurse with lots of neonatal experience, there is a role for you.

Choosing a career in neonates in the East Midlands will 
give you the opportunity to work in a variety of environments providing different levels of neonatal care to babies and their families.  You can work across several different areas such as, intensive, high dependency, special or transitional care, or you can choose to focus your area of expertise.  We can offer you a career pathway with many different opportunities for development.

On joining the neonatal unit you will be supported through a local induction and preceptorship programme, as applicable.  We can offer education and training opportunities such as an online Network Foundations in Neonatal Care Programme (especially for nurses new to neonates), Quality in Speciality Training, and UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative training to name but a few.

Neonatal Nursing is one of the most unique specialties in nursing!
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