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Family Integrated Care (FICare) to model opieki, który promuje kulturę partnerstwa między rodzinami i personelem; umożliwienie i wzmocnienie rodziców, aby stali się pewnymi, kompetentnymi i niezależnymi głównymi opiekunami.  

Dowiedz się, co robimy jako sieć, aby poprawić zintegrowaną opiekę rodzinną dzięki naszym biuletynom Family Matters.

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Family Integrated Care (FICare) ensures that parents/carers are able to be the primary caregivers for their baby/s from the very beginning and throughout their neonatal journey.

The goal of FICare is to foster a culture of partnership and collaboration between parents/carers and neonatal staff that enables and empowers parents/carers to become confident, knowledgeable and independent primary caregivers. This is achieved through a robust system for parent/carer education, information sharing from staff and by ensuring families are listened to and nurtured to become primary caregivers.

Units with a strong FICare philosophy ensure that parents are supported to deliver all possible aspects of their infant’s care (e.g., feeding, nappy changes, temperature taking, bathing, giving oral medications), tracking growth and progress, decision-making, and participating in medical ward rounds. Parent/carer participation in ward rounds supports partnership with the neonatal team, helps them understand and collaborate in decision-making, and helps to build relationships with the medical team.


The FICare model supports them to be a family as soon as possible; creating space for necessary medical care whilst facilitating the nurturing bond and love that only they can provide for their baby.

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