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Amanda Pike

Parent & Families Engagement Lead

Amanda has a proven track record of leadership and advocacy in the Maternity and Neonatal sector, having served as the Maternity Voices Partnership Chair for Lincolnshire and as a National Maternity Voices council member. She is known for her innovative approach to creating impactful initiatives, such as the country's first award-winning Military Maternity Voices Project.
Amanda is also proud to have led the first Neonatal Voices Partnership group in the country.
Drawing from her personal experiences as a mother to three children, Amanda has a deep understanding of the challenges and joys that families may encounter during the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. As a neonatal parent herself, Amanda has a unique perspective on the importance of effective and comprehensive healthcare experiences for all families.
Amanda's dedication to improving maternity & neonatal care is fuelled by her personal trials, including the late loss of her first son and the challenges she faced during subsequent pregnancies and births. Her commitment to ensuring neonatal families are at the centre of their care is unwavering, driven by her belief that every family and baby matter.
With a passion for amplifying service user voices to create meaningful change, Amanda is committed to ensuring that families receive the best possible care and support during their time using Neonatal services.



07519 702368


Amanda Pike
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